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I have been to Poland, Slovakia, Czech, and others.

They are all from the pit of hell except for the landscape and historical architecture. The good people of these places did not deserve this kind of treatment but they were not involved enough and after being sold out and back stabbed by the West in the typical manner it is somewhat understandable.

Maybe you have all forgotten that heinous and vile communism was there for over 4 decades. Most of their leaders have been educated in communist systems. These people for the most part all are godless and devoid of ethics for all you from the religion of secular humanists. ie. for example everybody is banging everybody for the most part, especially in the small villages. lol

These countries must have very high abortion rates I would think.

That is why they need the EU except the Czechs perhaps to get out from under their local mafia controls ie. Russian gangsters everywhere, and the German backed money of course :P

Imo those countries will all collapse from all the lack of responsible government spending and its materialistic attitudes.