Comment: Remember the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial?

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Remember the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial?

In 1994, O.J. Simpson, a famous sports celebrity was acquitted on the murder charge of his wife, Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman her alleged lover (see: ).

The victims were not killed with a firearm but instead a sharp instrument (knife?) was used as the primary murder weapon.

What do these heinous acts show? It's not the gun, the knife, the cudgel, the poison, etc. that is the reason for unjustifiable killings, merely the method used.

If a person is filled with so much rage and hate against another whether it be spontaneous or premeditated, the possibility exists the final act of taking a life will be committed. That person will use any means at their disposal, including strangulation with their bare hands if possible.

Bob Costas and many others believe more gun control would have saved Jovan Belcher's girlfriend as well as preventing his own suicide. But they are obviously wrong. Just ask the families of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.