Comment: No, he is what we call in the UK a 'Bell End'

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No, he is what we call in the UK a 'Bell End'

No, Alex Jones is a liar and shameless self promoter.

He does not care about the truth... Think about it. Where does he get his money from?

What IS his aim? What makes him 'get up in the morning'? ... You think its a relentless search for truth.

The truth is, that this 'man' (and I use the term loosely), is not a journalist, nor an investigator, nor a person that sources his research or theories (although he does shamelessly copy them from others without crediting the original author).

The guy is a sleezeball. And there is plenty of evidence that we works for the FEDS. ... They love this kind of kook, in their dragnet as his job is to bring all the kooks to their attention.

Shock Jock, Hal Turner was also one of these types of informants

And everything about Alex Jones. From his money, to his contacts, to his SEO status on the net, to the sets. You think ordinary people put on shows in studios for Youtube with all that fancy graphics, camerawork etc etc. No, its funded.

And who funds things?