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You Are Welcome

People ARE increasingly calling them out and rightly so.

Sadly, the frequent reaction is to fall back on 'enforcement' for 'failure to obey', 'failure to comply', 'disorderly conduct' or by escalating the situation (wittingly or not) to where some such 'catch-all' crime can be charged, rather than taking a reflective step-back and reassessing what they are doing and why.

As to raising awareness among chiefs and sheriffs, I have actively been making that attempt, consistently, for many years. I openly promote constitutional adherence, consistently contextualize and exemplify behaviors and actions in a constitutional manner, speak out at executive meetings and at training where and as appropriate, make recommendations and decisions openly based on constitutional criteria and by other means.

I am largely viewed as an anachronism by most who accept enforcement predations as normal, as conventional-wisdom or as an expectation. Frequently I hear responses such as 'there he goes again' or 'watch out, you'll get ol' **** started'.

I find that I am not often included in planning, due to my demands that our operations, policies and actions comport with the Constitution and citizen-liberty in mind, rather than 'industry standards' and 'allowable' case-law.

Of course, I am well respected by a certain percentage who are so inclined and all recognize and acknowledge my unwavering consistency in focus and advocacy.

As to how important the Constitution is to me, well, I have taken an Oath to support and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic...twice. I do not take that Oath lightly and it has no expiration date on it, since it was me who swore to it. Liberty and constitutional issues are a central part of my professional and personal life, both for self, educationally to the public/profession and by contextualizing and exemplifying current events and government & societal actions/desires, to others.