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What is his 'aim'... Well its all too simple.

He has not succeeded (with government backing, or at the very least powerful help and promotion) to TAKE OVER the truth movement.

He fills peoples minds (especially Americans) with daft ideas. So that when they should be asking legitimate and normal questions, like 'how can 5 foreigners with only a few week traing as pilots outwit the most militarised country on the planet', of which we do need rational debate. But Alex Jones succeeds in replacing that debate with half assed 'red herrings'. ... It makes 'truthers' sound stupid.

I am from the UK. And I am VERY open minded. ... But when I went to the USA last time, I met a 'truther' telling me all kinds of crazy stuff. ... Same as when trying to discuss important issues, such as electonic voting on DailyPaul chat. Some weirdo is telling me that flouride is some kind of urgent thing. Bullshit.

Alex Jones is a disimformation agent. And his aim is to do several clever things. (a) dilute the real issues (b) put people onto other issues (some made up), and (c) to make people who's eyes have opened partly to sound STUPID. And they do sound stupid, if they regurgitate the lies of this fraud. I nearly called him a 'crackpot'. But he is not a crackpot. He KNOWS very well what he is doing. And he gets paid very well for it.