Comment: Well said. ... But prepare to be downvoted!!

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Well said. ... But prepare to be downvoted!!

As there seems to be more Alex Jones trolls on here than I realised.

Alex Jones, is part of the same brigade that stole the 'Tea Party' from Ron Paul.

He is a paid for and bough disinformation agent. And there appear to be trolls on here, who's sole aim is to promote Alex Jones, and his 'looney' ideas.

I got trolled and insulted, within minutes of making an anti Alex Jones post. ... I have never before been downvoted on Daily Paul in my life. ... But to insult the sacred alex jones.... ooooohh

This is a Ron Paul site. ... If you want to dabble in stupid disinfo, and lies. Then go to an Alex Jones site. I am preparing to be flamed and down voted. As the Alex Jones trolls are out!!