Comment: Should Have Never Opened it! (Pandora)

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Should Have Never Opened it! (Pandora)

People have stolen vehicles in my neighborhood in broad daylight through remote hacking what makes a drone any different. Now i'm not saying that Iran or US are lying what I am saying is i've seen it done to a motor vehicle. That’s what happens when you cross quote “the invisible lines of warfare” you open Pandora’s box. Now you have all these random countries now deploying drones, hacking into sovereign states databases, etc. America if it does not stop now it will be establishing a new low in global sovereign state respect, conduct and conflict resolution. Now Iran is talking about sending drones to Palestine, you have countries arming their drones with all types of weaponry, you have more countries secretly doing nuclear research, etc. Their actions are pushing individuals into fields of knowledge that weren’t thought to be useful or necessary. With every action there is a reaction. Now you have everyday citizens and you middle school children feeling the need to use proxies, spoofing their IP, transferring over to GNU Linux operating systems, rooting phones, modding video game systems, learning cryptography, using TOR, cracking software, data mining, cracking wifi networks, etc. these are things that the everyday person do not necessarily need to be doing but they are being pushed in that direction. Weather you think it legal or not everyaction we take as individuals has a ripple effect and just becuase you feel your winning today does not mean next week you wont be on the receving end of it. Dont enithat force against others Now the American government is pushing its quote enemies in that direction and I don't see anything good coming out of it for the people of the world. People will look back and say I think we mad a mistake when you have random tribal warlords using drones in public squares to kill their enemies. Drug Lords in Mexico are now using drones and other surveillance equipment to spy on Mexican citizens due to America using these technologies on them.

Drone Wars coming to a doorstep near you!