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Comment: Upside down logic

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Upside down logic

Just like so many other things today, the performace and evaluation for cops is ass-backwards. They should be rewarded for the fewest amount of people they forced into arresting. If officers pay was based on keeping people OUT of jail and OUT of court...I bet nearly ALL traffic violations would disappear and most controversies would be handled between the parties with an officer only being necessary if someone becomes physically violent with another person.

Cops should follow a sensible of non-intervention unless they are called to uphold the peace or to defend a citizen. Nowdays cops follow the guidelines that our military uses all over the globe. Go around poking sticks into hornets nests LOOKING for fights and violence. Looks like we need a non-interventionist DOMESTIC policy too!

Consider how doctors are now paid. Doctors should be paid more when they keep you healthy. A doctor should be paid based on the number of people who DO NOT need to visit him. Right now doctors make the most the more patients they see. Ass-Backwards.

And unemployment. If you pay someone NOT TO WORK, that's exactly what they are going to do.

But upside down, inside out, thats "normal" now. Bernanke and friends print counterfit money to the tune of approx 100 billion a month and they are not even accused of a crime. If I were to counterfit a 1 dollar bill....I'd be put in a cage for life.

Planes that used to break into large pieces when they crashed now "vaporize" into fine dust particles. (at least 4 vaporized on a single day...9/11/2011.) But that's all normal! Go back to sleep.