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Comment: First of all, it is Michael with an ~ael

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First of all, it is Michael with an ~ael

But I won't hold that against you. I once dated a girl named Rachael with an ~ael, and I made the mistake of writing a note to someone named "Rachel." She kindly and gently pointed out my error, just as I will kindly and gently point out yours.

Americans have been brainwashed for so long, we can't see through the fog anymore.

Is that really true? Are we not Americans here? I am, and I take it you are, too. Can you no longer see through the fog without Ron Paul lighting your way? What happened to the candle Ron Paul lit for you? Did it go out already? Hang around and someone here will relight it for you - maybe not me, but maybe someone else.

If you believe that Ron Paul was the high water mark, then indeed I can see your point. And if you hang it up now, then you'll help ensure that outcome. But if you think of Ron Paul as a harbinger, then the best is still yet to come.

Have you ever seen a meteor shower - one that you set out from the beginning to watch - a big one, like the Leonids? If you haven't, let me tell you how it goes. You stay up late, find your spot, put your blanket out, wait for the appointed time and look up at the sky. And you wait. And look. And nothing happens. And you wait some more. And look. And wonder. Is it going to happen? It was supposed to be such a great show, but nothing's happening. Will it ever?

And then you see one. The first one - a big one - streaking across the sky. OMG! Wow! Incredible. And then you see another. And a couple more. And before you know it, the sky is full of them, like flying fish, or a pot of popcorn going full steam.

And all that doubt is washed away. All that waiting is long forgotten.

Ron Paul is like that first meteor, and we just saw him streak by, at ground level. But if you leave now, you're going to miss it.

Anyway, I know you're not leaving now. Otherwise you wouldn't have written this DP suicide note. I know you just want a little attention and encouragement. I know you want to test the waters, to see if other people are feeling the same as you.

Of course they are. Of course we are. No one knows what the future holds. So the only thing you can do is do what you will. And what is that? Go back to sleep? Go ahead and try. You can't. Rebuild the GOP? Pfft. Not me. Other people here will. That is their choice, their mission and their destiny. I have a different path to walk. We all do. We all have our own individual paths to walk. It doesn't have to be politics.

Remember what Ron Paul says? "You are an individual."

Remember what Morpehus what he took Neo to see the Oracle? "What was said is for you, and you alone."

Remember what Mr. Rogers said? "You are special, there is no one else like you."

The path you walk is yours, and yours alone. That is your individual path of Liberty. Walk it with your head held high, and you become a light and an an inspiration to those around you - the sheep that don't know anything else but following the crowd, the meek who have never seen anyone walk their own path.

Really, that is all you need to do.

After the 2008 convention, I was so disappointed, so crushed. I talked to Ron Paul on the phone, and what he said to me was, "You'll have your role to play."

The best I can do for you is pass on those same words of wisdom, with the same assurance:

You will have your role to play.

Maybe you don't know what it is yet. I don't know what mine is, either. It doesn't matter. Do what you do, and do what you will. You're awake now, and can't go back to sleep. So whatever you do in your new state of awareness is all you need to do. There is no need to sign off. Do what you will, and when you are ready and when you are willing and whenever you want, share with us.

You are always welcome.

In Liberty and Love,

Michael with an ~ael