Comment: I loved all this but....

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I loved all this but....

This made me feel like I should put one of my humorous posts as a response. Here you go enjoy:

I'm gonna start a political movement. It's going to be based on taking back 'Merica's holidays from non-'Mericans and giving this country back to 'Mericans on our holidays! So who's with me!?

- We are going to take back Halloween and stop the anti-'Mericans trying to use that night to proselytize their silly religious anti-'Merican cults. I'm trying to trick or treat with my kid here dammit! I'm not trying to get the kid to drink the kool-aid! Halloween isn't evil you anti-'Mericans! YOUR EVIL! Why is it Charlie Brown ends up always having a better Halloween than we do? He always got the ROCK, but dammit, at least he doesn't get preached at trying to Trick or Treat for some candy loot!

- We are going to take back Turkey, Native Americans, and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving and stop anti-'Mericans from sabotaging family Thanksgiving dinners with a Tofu turkey and starting their "X-mas" at Nov.1st. I mean, danmmit, I didn't drive over the hills and through the woods to mentally prepare for family fisticuffs and be given a pile of overlycooked mass of soybean as a compensation!

And on that note, I don't want to buy your **** till December! It isn't even me that needs gifts in Christmas! I just want a damn couple of toys for the tots and lie to them that Santa did it because they were good all year. Its the only way they are going to stop being little assholes for 365 days a year when they are in their terrible twos up till age five!


- We are going to take back CHRISTmas. Oh? Don't like the fact I used "CHRISTmas" anti-'Merican? To bad. That's OUR holiday, an 'MERICAN holiday. It officially turned 'Merican when George Washington used the day to put some bulletholes in an army of Hessians in Trenton and Princton for helping the king's lobsterback redcoats. Ever since that holy day, you got your baby Jesus, your tree, your Santa, and you also have your paintings of Washington crossing the river and displaying his cock to silly statist anti-'Mericans and giving real 'Mericans a day off.

You too anti-'Merican to comply with messing up our holidays? Then don't be lame and go to work on the holidays or deport your ass. Second, expect a legally permitted punch in the face if your a neo-con, vegan, or militant lefits athiest and don't comply and decide to scew with 'Mericans way of life. Second, you automatically get impeached if you hold an elected office.

Vote for the 'Merica party! Cause we are GOING to party!