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Comment: Hee Hee, I didn't tell you that I used to gaze at that album

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Hee Hee, I didn't tell you that I used to gaze at that album

cover as a 4th/5th grader lol :) My mom is only 20 years older than I. I was in love with Elvis as a child until I saw his Hawaii concert...I never thought of him looking different/older than that album cover. lol. Well, it didn't matter much. My room was splattered with posters of Donnie Osmond and my real heart-throb David Cassidy. Oh the times have changed!

Thanks for the gospel songs! My mom had one of those albums as well. I am anjoying the music as I type. Cool video in that last offering! Did you see Elvis with the Basset Hound?

I have also listed to this today Not the best audio, and don't care much about the video, but the words are needed for me today so I looked it up from old memories from the 80/90's lol.

I would like to speak to you on another issue over here if you are so inclined. If not I understand completely that you have your hands full. I am trying to sort my way thru the issue, and I respect your thoughts as I believe you may also be able to speak to me from both sides. But also, if you feel it best not, I completely understand that too as well.

Nice to talk with you today :)