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1. So where have I ever had these views or posted them. If you are refering to the link. Its the 1st one on Google I pulled off regarding Hal Turner.

... If you want to find some other links regarding Hal Turner, then you can Google his name. He even admitted to it.

My point is that Alex Jones is the Hal Turner of the 'truther' movement. He is paid in the same way as Hal Turner, and for the same reasons.

You must be stupid, if you think I am have "white nationalist or anti liberty" views. lol. Why not read my other posts and see, before jumping to wrong conclusions.

But, then again. I suppose jumping to incorrect conclusions would be the type of things you do, if you are an avid Alex Jones fan.

Hal Turner was a paid Shock Jock, just like Alex Jones. And he was an informant to the FBI of white nationalists. Alex Jones is the same. He is an informant. And only an idiot would not be able to see though this! Who pays for his fancy shows, graphics, camera's and what was he doing prior to 1993?