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"2. This a conservative radio talk show host who sometimes gets 15 million viewers a week. His endorsement of Ron Paul has definitely helped libertarian ideas reach new people."

No. He is not a conservative. He is whatever he can be to make money, and his views are certainly not political.

It is sad that he gets 15 million views. And also my point. Ron Paul has only 1 million likes on Facebook. Alex Jones is part of the establishment.

Just like the Tea Party. Which by the way, I was supporting Ron at that time. The Tea Party was taken over by insiders. Just like the liberty movement. The aim of Alex Jones is to take over the liberty movement and gain followers.

If he did endorse Ron Paul, is is to promote himself and get more cult followers. The man is a liar. And I dare you to prove to me, that he is not. He would sell ice cream to eskimo's to make a buck.