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"3. Any topic with Alex Jones in the title gets a lot of hits fast." ... that is sad!

"A lot of people here like Alex Jones. As you are attacking him and I am defending him, naturally you will be downvoted and I will be upvoted. If you look at these posts now, you'll see there are also people that agree with you and the upvotes/downvotes have balanced out."

Yes. And this is a Ron Paul forum. I hate the fact that the CIA troll and disinfo agent Alec Jones makes this site look like it is a meeting place for idiots. ... How can I tell people about Ron Paul, if it looks like his views are associated with this idiot. Alex Jones is an insencere fraud. I bet he cries, just like Glen Beck.

"I'm not a paid troll because there is really nothing for anyone else to gain from me 'trolling' here, unless you're suggesting Alex Jones himself is paying me, which given my common criticism of him on here, is pretty unlikely."
... You seem to come here to promote Alex Jones. If you are not a troll, or paid for by him. And I wont call you a liar, then you are clearly brainwashed. ... I guess that you are afraid of Flouride, and Tesla radiation from HAARP

"You on the other hand, are on sale to the highest 'bidder', probably Nick Griffin in this case." ... Who is Nick Griffin?