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I don't think it has anything

I don't think it has anything to do with religion. Viability can be between 24-28 weeks per wiki. You are telling me a 7 month old baby does not have human attributes?

At what point, Henry, does conception become human? Would you like to be the one to decide? What if you decide wrong?

No, I am sticking with Ron Paul on this issue. It was a state issue before Roe v Wade and should be a state issue now. But that does not mean that life cannot be defined...have you been to a nursing home lately?

I wonder if people are kept alive for the almighty dollar? You know social security is signed over the nursing homes to house the elderly. What are we going to say about that when the issue comes up?

As far as my views, I am going to be paying for Obama care I suppose, socialized medicine, by which my money and everyone else’s will be lumped together and then parceled out as politicals deem best, but to whose benefit?

No, I don't think there is anything wrong with granting life to that which is living. Only living cells divide. As far as I know an acorn lays dormant until it has moisture, soil and sunlight. That is not the case of the human embryo. The egg is dormant until it is met with a sperm and then life happens and a rapid pace of growth and change occur.

There are plenty of pro-life people who are not “religious” and there are plenty of “religious” people who are not pro-life.

I will stick with Ron Paul on the issue. I would have never supported Ron Paul if he had not been pre-life. It was the first thing I checked.