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I'm afraid of Americans

Lol. This all really reminds me of the David Bowie song, "I'm afraid of Americans".

I really am. lol.

Not your military, or stuff like that. What scares me, is the sheer naivety of you lot over the pond.

I mean. You will believe anything. Perhaps you have been bred or brainwashed to look for leaders. Or maybe its those 'action hero' films.

Although some do get it. They are still the minority. ... Ron Paul wants you to think for yourself. Not find some cult leader, or look to other for easy answers.

Your only aim, is to get back your ability to run your government. Thats it. You have electonic voting, and your ability to effect change is non-existent.

Neither is it blacks, communists, muslims, russians or liberals that are your problem. Its the fact that the American mind is brainwashed. You think that you are free. You are not. America has the most repressive election system in the world, controlled by machines. You have no money. Just paper.

Ron Paul wants YOU to become active in politics. Not building bunkers, protesting, avoiding fluoride or collecting guns. His message is that "We the People" have to take part at the grass roots and be involved in the political process. .. That means asserting your RIGHTS.

You primary RIGHT and what you missed, was to count the damn votes. I came on here to tell Americans that in the UK we vote in a paper ballot, counted by people. The paper ballot goes in a locked metal box, and we observe it. You think, and cry for Ron Paul to save you. What you did not realise was it was up to you. Up to you to assert your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Thats all you need.

You dont need Alex Jones. That peice of paper has all the answers. It says that you can OBSERVE ELECTIONS, and you can have real MONEY. And that you have RIGHT TO TRIAL. Protect that. Read that. Assert that. THAT is Ron Pauls message.

So forget all this in fighting, and looking to answers from others. Protect the constitution. Then you can all be free to do as you please.