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BUMP for the alarm signal

So, what we guys gonna do about it ?

I'm French. I used to be taxed on my sweat TWICE AS MUCH. I used to live surrounded by TWICE AS MANY people on welfare or milking the system ... from within unions or gov't contractors.

Does California want to look like France or Spain in 2 years ?

Or to look like Greece in 4 or less ?

Here's what we gonna do :

keep bending before the taxes at gun point, but we won't keep our mouths shut, and will continue denounce the infamy.

Oh, and :

let's pay off our household debt and stack on real money, silver and gold.

To Pelosi, Brown, et al. : I am VERY familiar with being screwed. You suckers have to push MUCH harder before I feel ANYTHING, you, FILTHY wealth RAPISTS.

Stack on, folks. Learn skills, practice, and throw away your credit cards. Contact me if you're in I.T. and job seeking. My network is robust. But, please, just OPT OUT of their system, free people of California. Stack on. As much as you can till it starts hurting.

Look away from the takers, let them to their DEPENDENCY FATE.

So, when those will see their food stamps stop coming, and will have to sell their iPhones for food or soap, WE WILL have real money to take care of ourselves.


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