Comment: Thanks for that song

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Thanks for that song

Speaking of mothers (here, as in, I'm going to sound like my own re the music I listened to back in the 60's), I've never really liked much Christian contemporary music because to me "it all sounds the same." lol But I think that one does stand out. It's now on my list of favorite songs (there along with more than a few of those old 60's songs!). As to the other thread, I haven't read it yet, but I'll try to do that later. My house smells musty from everything being slightly damp from the two big pots of water I kept simmering on low (for weeks) to add a little warmth to the kitchen and also provide hot water (only the gas to the stove was turned back on), plus there's this oil smell from the space heaters, one which was new. Plus there must've been a mouse nest in the basement; a couple drowned mice were found down there. My CAT found one that made it to safety, well, for a little while. I woke to see it lying beside the bed w/him beside it. Wasn't that a nice gift for me? Anyway, it became clear that while we were away for Thanksgiving, that mouse made some tracks here in the house. Bottom line, I'm doing some serious housecleaning as I listen to all these great songs that people have contributed. But I'll check it out. And thanks again for the song.:)

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