Comment: There is too much paranoia on this topic

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There is too much paranoia on this topic

You guys get side-tracked.

The gov't does not need an armed military to control people.

We've been the most armed civilian society in the world and CORPORATISM has not even blinked at our lawn signs, blimps, parties, gun rallies, voting-lobbying efforts, and protests -- SO WHY OH WHY would you think a hunk of metal is going to change that; if we can lose it all with guns what would we lose if they put certifications on guns them?

If I could open-carry my gun (broad daylight), in a holster, I would allow them to put an RFID chip in it -- It's not the cops or military that makes me want to defend myself.

I would also be fine, if they allowed open carry, if they put new gun owners through a psych-eval, hunting, safety, and combat certifications -- Would give a lot of jobs to retired military (Navy SEALs, Rangers, Green Beret, PJ's, etc).

My gun is not kept in a place where I could easily get to it (if someone were to come through my front door right now it would all be hand to hand / knife / baseball batt -- in close-quarters I would fair pretty well. My gun (in California) is never on me -- so it is useless (as is).