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Comment: Lawnboy mowers

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Lawnboy mowers

I buy, sell, restore, Ebay, give as gifts old Lawnboy push mowers. They were bought out in 1989 by Toro, and the EPA has since banned further production of 2-cycle lawnmowers. I've always had at least one for my own use, and have always been strangely attracted to the way they sound and smell when running. The original parent company was OMC/Evinrude, and they literally ARE a small boat motor that turns a cutting blade. People collect and restore them all over the country, as they are now the 'forbidden-fruit' of lawn maintenance.

There's a couple dozen of them in my barn. The oldest is a 1955, and I have 1962, 1964, and 1967 models as my other oldies.