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That was a very

nice post you made. Great analogy of the meteor. I think it is very sad and unfortunate for the American people(and world) that Ron Paul is out of active politics. At least thats how I felt and still do to some degree because I have no idea what influence he will have in the future. I'm pretty sure allot but it does feel like a loss. He was RIGHT THERE and all we had to do was wake up and elect him! Too bad for us that our culture is just too damn ignorant that they threw away this opportunity. He would have been the best president of our lifetime, if not in our entire history. Thats just how I feel.

I'm daydreaming here but I cant help but imagine if he did become president... The speeches he would have made and the number of people finally able to hear the truth, and be informed in a way that makes people think. We're talking 100s of millions of seeds here and would have resulted in major progress intellectually.

Anyway... if it had not been for Ron Paul, I would still be struggling if even that with the truth and true meaning of what liberty is all about. I think and hope your right, the meteor shower is just beginning.