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Tesla and internet don't mix well. It always amazed me how many freaks and freakish ideas would one find around any video about Tesla. YouTube educated "physicists" telling real physicists how "they don't get it", how "they have been brainwashed", because they watched one one-hour documentary in which a commentator slowly paces through smoke-filled ill-lit room and talks with shady mystical voice. The truth is that he was a good inventor and a poor scientist. Being a good scientist forbids one from calling themselves El Mistico, and referencing Martians or his dreams and feelings as evidence or proof of something (hence his somewhat controversial position in scientific community, no one would mind (and they didnt) if (/when) he said; hey look this is mathematic proof which Martians gave me, or I dreamed up of. As long as the argument isn't "but i see lightning when i close my eyes"). It always cracks me up to read some of his works, as if i'm reading a diary of a gothic teenager. Take a look at his portraits as well, that pose and look, ah el mistico :).