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Comment: "It's funded"

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"It's funded"

Yeah, by advertisers! It's the free market. I'm also a producer on a radio show and graphics are not hard if you just have the software (one-time cost) and some manpower. Do you see how many products he endorses? He probably makes thousands of dollars a week for his show just from Youngevity.

I don't care what his agenda is. There is truth EVERYWHERE. I'd like to believe that Ron Paul is 100% right about everything, but he's not GOD, ok. Just because someone (like AJ) doesn't conform to our belief system 100% doesn't mean that they are a guaranteed disinfo agent and that everything they say is automatically a lie.

He's broadcasted strong support for ending drug prohibition, ending foreign wars, ending government regulation, ending corporate welfare. In fact, I can't think of more than a couple things that I'd disagree with him on... he's no worse than Jesse Ventura or Adam Kokesh. You can let something divide you (contention), you can sacrifice your principles and unite fully (compormise), or you can do as the Good Doctor says and work together where you can (coalition) and leave the rest alone.