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Tesla dreams up Nuclear-Magnetic Spacecraft or did he Discover the 20th and 21st century's technology which would be needed to build it?

Or is it all a gothic teenagers dream as you claim? BTW How much does GE pay you anyway? Ever heard of a Spark-Plug? That's the Earth-Ionosphere connection (& Lightning) that can absolutely deliver 100's Trillions of Watts. Ever seen the ISS flying 200 miles on-top of the Ionosphere. Ever wonder whether the ISS is one of Tesla's devices?
(notice the Stars, in all the Earth-Shots from the Moon, there are no Stars in the Sky??? What's going on???)

Every technology in Star Wars, is Nikola Tesla's Concept, Invention or Discovery, where he was able to make use of the ideas into actual patents and devices.

NOT EINSTEIN (Patent office spy), OR EDISON (Thief and Killer), JP Morgan (Thief and Killer) OR FRANKLIN (fake Kite & Key story), OR OBAMA (who built everything)...

Hey Tesla, "You didn't build that" we're going to blow it up. Yes, they blew-up Tesla's Wireless Power Tower, Wardenclyffe on July 4th 1917. What a celebration that must have been for Edison and JP Morgan.

History Channel's Mad Electricity:

- Radio and Wireless Communications
- Lasers, Phasers and Particle Beams
- Radar, X-Ray, NexRAD and HAARP

- Wireless Power Transfer by NASA in 1975:

- Tractor Beam
- Levitation
- Telepathy
- Invisibility
- Teleportation
- Interplanetary Communications
- Darth Vader's choke
- Cold Fission/Fusion
- Lightning Creation 1893
- Lightning Capture 1917
- Magnetic Hoover Craft
- Remote Control & Robots
- The Hutchinson Effect
- Magnetic Resonance Healing
- Rife Machines
- Dustification (Molecular Dis-Association)
- Sacred Geometry from the Vatican & Egypt
- the Ether (the reason why there is a Speed of Light)
- the Neutrino

- 1958-1962 Nuclear Magnetic Spacecraft (Kepler/Tesla Design)


Nuclear Ion Drive, Mass driver, Railgun, Coilgun, Star Tram, Fusion Rocket, Magnetic Levitation, Plasma, Torus, Toroidal Forces, Tokamak, Fusion Power, Magnetic Confinement, Stellarator, Electrostatic Propulsion all use Nikola Tesla's Inventions and Patents.