Comment: All Rights derive from Property.

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All Rights derive from Property.

If something is your property, then you assume the liability of that property. You are free to do whatever you wish with your property, so long as in doing so you do not violate the property of another. Nobody can, with any authority, other than that which you grant through contract, tell you what you can or cannot do with your property. The key point in that last sentence is "other than that which you grant through contract".

Since we have a Right to contract unlimited, you can, through contract, allow a person or corporation to regulate the use of "your" property. We sign into this contract before we learn how to crawl, in the form of a birth certificate and social security number. We sign into this contract when we get a drivers license.

They are legally capable of regulating the use of "your" property because they assume ownership of your property... you do not own your car like you may think you do... you don't own your home like you may think you do... you don't own yourself like you may think you do. Since the Government assumes ownership of your property, they are within the law to enforce your obedience... you've signed a contract!

Your car is not yours, your house is not yours, your land is not yours, you are not yours. If I sign a contract with my neighbor giving him ownership of my car, he can, within the law, charge me for using my/his car. This is the essence of the Governments regulatory capacity. If you were the owner of your body, then you would have the Rights that come with ownership i.e. property rights. If you owned your body, then you should be able to do with and put within your body whatever you desire, so long as you do not infringe on the property of others.

We relinquish our Rights every time we sign a contract, unless you declare below your signature, on every contract, a condition asserting a reservation of rights via UCC 1-308 Without Prejudice. When doing this you make a declaration to the state that you withdraw your employ to the State Corporation and assume all responsibility for your actions and in doing so retain your Rights and Sovereignty. You will, from my studies, have to know the law and be able to express it in court... because your life will be much more difficult being a Sovereign in a Slave State.

I have still much to learn before I myself take the plunge into Sovereignty. For me, Sovereignty is the endowment that our ancestors left for us, for which we are unaware. This is by far the most important thing each of us can do to rebuild this Country. It in essence puts the teeth back into "We The People".

Victor Escobar

P.S. This is not Legal Advice! If anything I have written is factually incorrect, I would appreciate your insights. I am still learning, and would appreciate any "factual" disputes.