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Since childhood. I used to find pretty ones in the creek then take them up and down the street selling them to neighbors. Innocent days, the neighbors always bought them...
I have probably 1/2 ton of specimens I have dragged back and forth across the country as we moved around. Tourmaline, actinolite and "Herkimer diamonds" (quartz crystals) from New York, fossils and flint from Ohio, amethyst, jasper and quartz crystals from Arkansas, a bit of Idaho opal and lots of almandine garnet, some Oregon sunstone, obsidian nodules... I can't leave the house without a rock following me home. I have a polisher that I use to make cabochons and do a bit of free-hand faceting for fun. Funny you should ask, it literally got buried by "Ron Paul 2008" gear, and I JUST got everything pulled together to try to get back into it.
Besides that, I collect boats. Canoe, kayak, cataraft, paddle raft, sailboat so far. I never meant to collect boats, I just keep getting deals I can't refuse. I can't refuse because I never met an excuse to get on the water I did not like.
I try very hard not to collect boats while rock hounding nor to collect rocks while boating. They just don't mix well...

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