Comment: Perhaps the division is according to plan.

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Perhaps the division is according to plan.

Your Words "What chance does freedom have when there are such divisive, and in the case of abortion, emotional issues?"

But know, with socialized medicine we will all be paying for everything and those personal decisions will not be left between doctors and patients but will be guided by dollars as they already are. Have you had your insurance company poo-poo a prescript by your doctor lately?

The government is already involved in health care. I had ovarian cancer. I could not have a pet scan because "medicare" does not allow it. I don't have medicare. I have private insurance that we pay over $1200 a month out of pocket for and yet that insurance looks at what medicare allows to determine what my doctor can do.

Your words: "I don't want to be the one to decide for others, and I don't you to be the one to decide for others either. I want the mother and the father, the people with the greatest interest in the situation, with the advice of medical professionals, to decide."

Won't matter because none of the parties you have mentioned will be the ones deciding. It will be money which is the guiding light when decisions must be made.

Killing of old people, the terminally ill, and the handicapped are part of the spectrum.

Your words: “If viability is not until 24 to 28 weeks, then sufficient human attributes are not present until then to say you have an independent human being. Those are God's rules, not mine.”

Beg the question…when are sufficient human attributes present? Because the argument is not limited to the unborn, the argument will be targeted at society as a whole. A woman’s personal body and the body of society will have direct parallels when socialized medicine is part of our culture

Regarding your words: “It should be clear that this is a divisive issue among freedom loving people, and I think makes it difficult, if not impossible to move forward with the freedom movement.”

IMO, you will never move forward with freedom if you leave the lives of the innocent unborn behind. Because according to Ron Paul: "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

The issue does involve a great divide, but it is not a divide in liberty it is the divide of who will determine who will be allowed to live and for how long.