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How can I be so sure? I'm

How can I be so sure? I'm not. You are the one who is so sure.

I judge candidates by their actions, not their rhetoric. This goes both ways. Endorsements are nothing. They mean nothing. They are political pawns and that is it.

This is exactly my point. You have that one issue, and that is all you care about. Once he endorsed Mitt, even though he said he would all along, you completely closed your mind to him. Now you view everything he does through a tainted viewport.

Endorsements don't matter, and people making their decisions based on them disgust me. You probably don't even realize how many countless endorsements Ron Paul has made for complete establishment neocons like Newt Gingrich. He also hired and supported Jesse Benton for the longest time. He brought Doug Wead on, and if you knew Doug's past and applied the same lens to Ron as you are to Rand, there is no way you could still support him.

I don't like his position on sanctions but no one else in office holds a candle to his record, for the few negatives there are SO many positives.