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Comment: You create your own reality

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You create your own reality

and your friend Michael has tried saving you from yourself but you are too dense to comprehend it.
"And some here bring the attacks on themselves."

Your whole persona says: Kick Me and YOU created it and continue daily to reinforce that and sadly you soured way too many people here to ever gain back any semblance of true respect here. You would be better off just leaving.

And you suspect wrong on account manipulation and were informed of this by a moderator yesterday.

Vote down!
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Brief note:
Submitted by bigmikedude on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 17:11. Permalink

This kind of activity (multiple accounts for voting) is watched for, and shut down when it is found. I personally hunt around for it on slow days or when suspicion arises, and I know other mods here do too on occasion. If the voting system is abused, the abuser's account(s) are removed when found. TOR won't provide you with immunity either. We'll find it, figure it out, and eliminate it at some point. We do it often enough.

For keeping the peace sake, let that be known.

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