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Comment: Solomon and Paul 2016: Anti-War Bi-Partisanship

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Solomon and Paul 2016: Anti-War Bi-Partisanship

I heard Norman Solomon speak at a local Progressive Democrats meeting and told him I'd like to see him run in 2016. I think Rand can realistically win the Nomination, if not make it a dead heat between Liberty and Establishment contingents.

Solomon could help make sure the Anti-War message is in the DNC Primary, but I think he'd get the same treatment that Paul got this year. Clinton looks to be a favorite front-runner, barring any unforeseen events. If Clinton is a strong favorite, the least we can do it make evident that both the opposition from within the Party, and the opposition from outside the Party, are both leaning Anti-War, and that for her to win, she needs to shift her foreign policy.

But, back to December 2012...

Jack Wagner