Comment: Well yeah...

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Well yeah...

I guess that since all comes from the minds of men in the process of a seemed accelerated state of consciousness evolution, it would stand that the same process would remain to undo what gets done in the spirit of control. Man strives to be free of control..when he is aware that it is negatively impacting him rather than providing some esoteric degree of protection.

But truly, how in the hell are they picking our drones out of the sky fully intact? I'm now wondering more about this Keshe guy and what he has imparted to the Iranians. And given the reanimation of Tesla's work lately, maybe someday soon we'll slice through the energy tarp that has been thrown over us...that which enables all of this nastiness.

Google Assymetry to Enlightenment..the motors are real.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?