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Glad this post

and the ensuing "debate" / discussion are here.

This is an important issue in that it pits the / a Libertarian / balls-out free market Ideology against the limits of Justice. There are issues of right and wrong, Honor and respectful conduct, "back-handedness", deception, and conniving intention. There are issues of rather gross inequality and "dog eat dog".

[I am really addressing the diverse comments resulting from the post.]


1. Is the attitude of "Too bad for the little guy, but that's competition!" one that advances Justice?

2. Is pro-"dog eat dog" a civilized mentality / ethos?

3. May we please hear from a Ron Paul scholar / Apostle [I mean this as a compliment!] as to what His views are / voting record is with respect to this type of issue?

4. Are things intangible really not of enough value to warrant protection? Think carefully. (Poem read aloud by someone other than author who claims to be author = OK? How about blatant plagiarism? Do we sh*t-can these concerns, too?)

Lots of fine lines.

I am highly opinionated about this stuff, but I'll defer for now. I am a musician and a visual and conceptual artist. In a former life I was an officer in a start up business with some pretty legit IP. I wrote grants for funds, raised $$$, did technical writing and abstracts for our patents and for legal firms. Content generation, contract review ... yadda yadda yadda. In that experience--and due to the nature of what we did and its potential [To explain it takes too much time and isn't required for this discussion, so I'll abstain.]--we raised stoopid amts. of angel capital but also brushed shoulders with some SERIOUSLY unpleasant vulture capitalists.

Much worse VCs came around after I left (of my own accord). The inventor (not me) was far too trusting. He almost literally got F*CKED out of his own business by VCs who twisted contracts around and such.

I simply have my doubts as to how anyone can talk up (OK... more like *excuse*) such tactics--almost exclusively employed by the powerful / wealthy to take from / keep down those with less resources (but often with stronger ideas and certainly better intentions!)--in the same sanctuary where we laud Liberty, Justice, rights to pursue success by working hard and reaping rewards, and so on.

I guess this is my first truly significant moment at the DP where I have that "WHOAH!" feeling... like we need to work on us here first, before trying to do all of this saving of our country, its political system, etc.

I admit, though, I am as guided / misguided / prejudiced by my experiences (more like DEEP FRIED in this case!) as one could ever be.

What would the Founders do?