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People need to simply ignore Obamacare and not participate in any way. Since it was never legally passed into law, it is void ab initio and legally unenforceable. I'm sure some jack-booted thugs with guns will try to enforce it anyway and at that point simply claim to be a Christian Scientist and that participation would violate your religious beliefs and your rights under the US constitution.

The people have the power to put an end to all this illegal nonsense including TSA but they have to stop being selfish and stop pursuing immediate gratification. If your employer tells you you must fly for your job tell it that you are willing to do so but not undergo dangerous irradiation and not willing to surrender your constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches etc. You cannot be fired for refusing to surrender your rights. Your employer has the option of having a private plane fly you or to transport you via some other means of conveyance.

The solution to our problem is too many empty scrotums. We must be willing to stand up to our oppressors and simply say "NO."