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From a purely logical

From a purely logical standpoint, no.

Ron Paul was able to bring democrats in, not because of economics and social issues, but because of the message of Freedom.

They close their ears to Rand, and most other republicans. This is a reality.

It has been drilled that the young generation is the hope of the future. It is an entire generation that will decide the fate of our Republic. We must bring them on board before they are beholden to the establishment parties.

If Rand does surpass Ron in support, it will be because of the establishment republicans who typically 'fall in line' behind the nominee, not because of the true message, the fight for Liberty, Freedom.

That is why it is imperative to vet and to make sure that we are well represented with that message of Liberty, Freedom. The young generation must take over for all of the right reasons, and not ones of compromise, now and into the future.

Please, consider this, as you vet and make up your minds.

At the risk of sounding preachish, and please forgive me, what would Ron Paul expect?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul