Comment: Was it George Lucas or Nikola Tesla?

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Was it George Lucas or Nikola Tesla?

rememberLiberty: So which is it, George Lucas and his goth imaginary friend, who came up with the ideas in Star Wars, Star Trek... or was it Nikola Tesla?

He was the Witch of his time. The people he was speaking to were riding Horse and Buggies and he was talking about Interstellar Communications based on the same static field communications now used to communicate with underwater Submarines.

It has been proven that the locations of his Colorado experiment, his two New York offices, including the one that was burnt to the ground in 1895, have been erased from the land, real estate records going back to his time...

Since the Universe is Electric, the same static field communications could be done on the large scale, instantaneously, across the Galaxy. (Darth Vader's/Obi-Wan's "Feeling a Disturbance in the Force" light years away...)

The Speed of Light is only restrictive to "Light" traveling through the Ether (Tesla and Einstein agreed on this). It does not apply to resonating static fields generated between two far-away objects, just like in Submarine communications.