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"They" already use "backward drug tests"

"They" being doctors under the watchful eye of DEA,
"backward drug tests" = drug tests to make sure you are taking your meds/ sufficient levels of the meds in your system (and therefore proving you're "not selling your drugs" kidding).

I think perhaps SC has been a test state for this insanity but if you have a smidgen of something "they" don't like in your system (or perhaps maybe "not enough" of something "they" do want in your system), even if your hair is on fire and your eyeballs are bleeding, you will not be "allowed" pain medication.

It's bizarro world. Consider when the FDA tried to make Cheerios a "drug". What happens when you have too much Cheerios or walnuts (or other "bad 'drug'") in your system?

FDA Warns General Mills: Cheerios Is a Drug

FDA Warns Diamond: Walnuts are a Drug
Diamond Food Inc. 2/22/10

Sorry maybe TMI, this stuff flips my wig ;)

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