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Completely disagree

Ive met many people in my life who are very anti-smart phone and anti technology in general. Everytime I meet one I picture an old coot raising a wrinkly fist in the air and screaming "You damned kids and your rock-n-roll!" I just picture all the advancements in technology just over the past century and the hordes of people unwilling to accept it during that time period. Im sure when books were invented, old people lamented the fact people were spending their time reading and not listening to good old stories around a camp fire.

I for one am amazed by the technology I hold in my hands (a samsung galaxy for those who are curious) but I acknowledge its faults. Although, in an era of domestic drones and cameras on every street corner one wonders about the devestation of gps when we are being tracked every minute of the day regardless. For all the faults though, I feel progress in the future for protecting it. Remember when people used to easily be able to steal cars by simple hot wiring? Man, those days seem so long ago. Now, technology has evolved to where those tactics no longer work. Kinda like how *69 no longer works to dialback the last person who prank called you. No, the days have come when new technology has made old tactics impossible. But you know what? Criminals and the like have evolved with the times and are able to hack even into the latest "theft proof" automobiles. We continue to make advancements to thwart them.

I remember a post here awhile back mentioning a service called 'Silent Circle' made as a way to keep telecommunications private. I dont doubt that more of these type services will be made available in the future to combat the ever watchful eye of big brother. Its inevitable in a free market (I consider the internet the free market, its about as free as we can get)

I loooove texting. I work on a naval ship where when I need to contact my Chief, phone calls are a nuisance (I have been yelled at before for calling him in a meeting I didnt know he was attending) With text messege a person can view a piece of information at their leisure and not interfere with what ever task they have at hand. This has been quite useful to me and Ive only had difficulty with one of my seniors who refuses to get a damn texting plan. I jokingly call him Jebidiah because he would fit in an amish village better then the high tech field he works in. I prefer texting over most phone calls as the info needs to get sent where it needs to be with the least amount of hassle.

I am one of those people most others would look at and call a zombie. I constantly scroll through my phone and look up info on the internet. But what people may not realize is the quality of info Im receiving, since Im logged into here on the dp as often as possible. Dont need a laptop, mine sucks and hasnt worked properly in years and getting a new one is too costly. I have everything I need in the palm of my hand. Able to contact as many people worldwide as I need to.

I will never lament progress in what Im able to do with texhnology. You know what I lament and what I think TRUUUUUUULY sucks? PEOPLE WHO USE OTHERWISE GOOD THINGS FOR A PERSONAL AGENDA! Smart phones arent bad, just the people who would use it to further their nwo goals. Just like learning to split an atom wasnt bad, until someone used it to create the A-bomb. For every good thing there are evil, vile people who will take it and use it for evil.