Comment: SC = not just pain meds

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SC = not just pain meds

Not sure what all else but I'm guessing just about anything -- but also know for sure that anti-anxiety meds are backward tested as well. I'll say I'm fairly unsure how precise these tests can possibly be considering I would think different size folk, with different metabolisms and different doses would possibly retain "sufficient amounts" in differing ways and to say that someone is selling klonipin because their levels are not testing high enough is absurd -- but "they'll" refuse to refill those meds (even though they know the "pain" of instant withdrawal from such) if the levels don't come back "textbook".

In SC we used to have PRN or PDN, where the prescription basically was written as "patient determines need"...but we no longer have that option at all, not even for cough syrup (which someone on here said differed in their state. So Florida and SC have really had the screws tightened down on them it appears - all part of the clampdown).

This stuff just cooks my goose. This kind of "suspicion of the patient" started happening in SC about 15 years ago. It is one of the reasons I "knew" that our medical information was never kept "private", especially from the DEA. Just read HIPPA, it basically tells you that it allows all your information to be given up to whomever "they" please.

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