Comment: honesty, its too early to tie down a name

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honesty, its too early to tie down a name

I really think we need a liberty candidate "debate" so we can hear them discuss their thoughts on the issues. But really, there is no reason to pick a guy and stick with him (or her) until we are MUCH closer the actual election time.

Between now and 2015 there is no reason to focus on the WHO. All that does is gives the opposition plenty of time to assassinate their character. Instead, we need to focus on the upcoming election which will have less media attention and less money invested in our opposition.

We also need to refine the message down to a really simple readable set of statements outlining what liberty is, and how it can be correctly applied to specific points on the issues that are important to everyone in language that is easy to explain and hard to disagree with without looking stupid. Perhaps a dozen or so one sentence statements of our highest priorities, each of which could then have a full page or so explaining exactly what we mean and exactly what we DONT mean in that particular statement.