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Great post!

Reading your article brought to my mind "string theory". I have not spent a lot of time researching it but what I did like about it is that beyond atoms and atomic particles, when you get to the absolute smallest "thing" it may resemble or have properties like a string held between two points. It is constantly vibrating (maybe like a guitar or vocal chord) and these vibrations and the frequency they vibrate at determine what type of particle they "create" or are part of.

Fast forward to Genesis, "and God said, let there be light". The VOICE of God, in my thoughts could be the Vibration that brought about everything. Jesus Spoke and rose the dead, healed the sick. Maybe with His divine and true "tone" he could speak to the "strings" within the person.

Now the second point that totally struck me was your comment, "It may be, that like the wave / particle paradox, it will be both, and we will choose which future we experience by where we direct our energy. "

If you can find someone to speak with who knows Christian Orthodox Anthropology and the works of Gregory of Nyssa, On the Making of Man and On Death and Ressurection, you will find some common ground.

If a person feeds on energy like greed, lust, (you can imagine the rest of the list) they will starve in heaven. If a person feeds on Love, peace, patience, joy, etc. they will flourish and live forever in heaven.

We will surely find our place, by how we live. I do not have enough knowledge or understanding to really go further than this but maybe it can be a crumb on your path to share with you.