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Comment: Who is your candidate?

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Who is your candidate?

I'm not seeing who you are driving. Who are you driving? I'm not driving Rand.. I appreciate Rand for his duly elected office of Senator and getting MSM attention on issues, such as hemp.. this was my issue from 1993. And I cpompromised.. I compromised because though I don't believe the word "marijuana" is a legal term and belongs in courts, and while I'm not sure of the actual benefits of medical marijuana, I hoped the medical marijuana crowd would not forget us hempsters.. but not only they did forget us.. they tried to bury us, claiming that hemp crops would contaminate their medicine. Meanwhile, hemp is the solution on many levels of small business, and I think the idea of modern technology meeting hemp is exciting.. so Rand has my support based on that.. I think hemp is PEACE.. healing the planet and people.

I think the goal of ending wars is not going to be so easy because of who is involved. Most folks here don't have the guts to go to one committee meeting. They rage against a machine they fear too much to face.. well, committee is nothing but a gateway to bigger fish, and you've just seen what the big fish in the GOP do, to Amash.. they want to fight. Are we going to give them a fight? Or are we going to talk about what principled BS artists we are?

After Rand and everyone else gets dirty building the bridges, parting the PTB waters, so you have pure candidates you can vote for, you'll join then? What kind of principle is that?

Hint: peep peep peep peep peep chicken (dejavu, so what did you learn?)