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I love it when people ask if you have read the bill

Most of us have not read most bills in their entirety. Hell, congress doesn't even read most bills fully. We read overviews of the bill, we know if things sound like a good idea or not, but none of us have read the full bill.

In another forum a guy and I have been debating Obamcare back and forth for quite some time, (I say no good, he says it is great). Anyways, the other day he said "have you read the bill? It sounds like you are confused about this..." LMAO.

Everyone is confused by it, my Grandma is a business owner with an accountant and a legal aid and they do not even understand it in its entirety.

Sorry, for rambling, but I am just glad that I am not the only one who cracks up when people say "have you read the bill?"

No, I have not, and your congress member probably hasn't either!

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