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"Are we going to give them a fight? Or are we going to talk about what principled BS artists we are?"

People who test me either find that they regret doing so, or get on board.

Ending wars will not happen until most people oppose it. This will not be accomlished within a single party. That is obvious, democrats chastised gw, but condone it with obama. republicans have turned lazy and don't care either way. I am speaking of the ordinary voting people, not politicians.

"After Rand and everyone else gets dirty building the bridges, parting the PTB waters, so you have pure candidates you can vote for, you'll join then? What kind of principle is that?"

I can not believe that you even said that, Granger. RON PAUL, r3VOLution got filthy dirty, physically hurt, building those bridges, and it continues to grow! And you elude that Rand should take that credit?! I see now, aside from your oath, how easy it was for you to vote for romney, and cast aside Ron Paul.

Listen to that NPR Talk of the Nation interview with Ron Paul. And have some wake-up coffee while you do.

peep peep peep peep peep GRRRRRRRR!! (I am a dog with big teeth tonight)

btw, please tell me that you called that leftist cry baby and left a voice message. Then I will be happy :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul