Comment: It's how Monsanto ws created

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It's how Monsanto ws created

Patents were not meant to be on life, such as cannabis. Sure there were "snake oils" of all kinds being marketed out of people's garages.. I saw a documentary once.. it was like watching an old FBI TV show Guy Friday.. andyways, the story is about how the government, with it's science.. was building a better America.. and it shows a bottle of Marijuana medicine that has caused a death.. and the FBI goes to three homes where they have gotten tracking by delivery.. three people who had ordered the hemp medication.. the first homes says the medicine was bought for a man who had stomach problem and it worked great, the second home, the wife says she bought it for her heart problems and it worked great. The third home the wife says her husband bought ot for his diabetes and he died. They show the bottle again, a close up.. well one of the ingredients was sugar. But how many people knew that then?

Switch gears here a little.. Ever notice how Ron Paul refers to his message as an idea? Ever notice how people rip off his idea and he does nothing? Peopkle ant him to fight and he doesn;t. He doesn't because anyone can have an idea or simular idea, but it the guy who produces it.. that's why Ron Paul says, "Do what you want". If you have a better way, a better idea. by all means let's see it.

Monsanto may have an impossible time patening cannabis and why it remains illegal? What is that otther saying about ideas being popular.. you can't keepo a popular idea down?

The cannabis issue prooves we do not have a free market.