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//People who test me either find that they regret doing so, or get on board.//

What board? Are you driving a candidate on your board?

//Ending wars will not happen until most people oppose it. This will not be accomlished within a single party. That is obvious, democrats chastised gw, but condone it with obama. republicans have turned lazy and don't care either way. I am speaking of the ordinary voting people, not politicians.//

Most people oppose war.. last I saw, I believe it was something like 71%. It's going to take being the majority in a major party to materialize the message, and because the GOP is a major party that is a third party in comparison to the Indy registration, and many places are like mine, with an absent GOP that can be taken.. because the incumbant Republicans own a mantel of shame, have lost their way.. taking the GOP is a brilliant idea and one worth persuing.

//I can not believe that you even said that, Granger. RON PAUL, r3VOLution got filthy dirty, physically hurt, building those bridges, and it continues to grow! And you elude that Rand should take that credit?! I see now, aside from your oath, how easy it was for you to vote for romney, and cast aside Ron Paul.//

RP rEVOLution did not "get dirty", we did get hurt. We did not lie, cheat, or commit fraud. We did what we were asked to do, like sign loyalty oaths, petition and work to become delegates.. but we did not get "dirty" until Rand endorsed Romney and those of us who knew we had signed loyalty oaths got the picture from Rand that the GOP was intending on holding us to them.. not Ron Paul.. but us, him/Rand. So that's when we "got dirty". Many here never got dirty, but ather remained principled.

//Listen to that NPR Talk of the Nation interview with Ron Paul. And have some wake-up coffee while you do.//

I don't listen to radio and certianly NOT Nazi Public Radio.

I'm a piranha.