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Patently retarded and mentally challenged

So, are you, who have NO real concept of physics and basic common sense, going to take on the Titans, like Chandler? I dare ya.

And no, you have shown me NOTHING but simplistic naive pseudoscientific disinformation nonsense.

There is a reason all of your comments--every single one of them--get mercilessly downvoted.

And to address your NIST-like claim here (not a complement) I quote David Chandler:

"NIST's method tells us nothing about the nature of the acceleration itself. It merely assumes uniform acceleration, over a time interval, in which it is CLEAR that the acceleration is NOT uniform."

Indeed, and agreed.

And I never asserted that the acceleration was uniform.

You, like NIST, are talking on a scale of time ( I was not)...and I am talking on a scale of feet.

There was a point where the roofline was standing firm, then dropped precipitously, and at the speed (more accurately: "acceleration") of gravity, for 108 feet.

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