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Comment: okay okay maybe I was a little hard the young boy Rand!

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okay okay maybe I was a little hard the young boy Rand!

I have a better idea! . I understand that Dr. Paul recently had dinner with is still very good friend Dennis Kucinich. What if they're planning something there up to something. Forget the Republican Party, the Republican Party is dead. No matter who you run in 2016 the Republicans will lose.

Look at history and my not right. the Republican Party will be lucky to do field a candidate that could win in 2024. The Republican Party is now dead at the doornail.

I know it's real early, but I think the winning ticket could be KucinichPaul. Paul being the most libertarian congressman making a lot making an alliance with Kucinich and most liberal congressman.
I Paul/ Kucinich independent run could actually win. And as a liberal and an occupier I could go for this.

Well we can always dream can't we.Kucinich/Paul 2016.