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Been quite a few bus accidents lately. I guess it all depends on which way the bus tips ;)

From now on I am seriously considering the train. No lights, traffic, wear and tear, fuel, tolls, bathroom breaks, etc.

The only thing is, you are pretty much limited when you arrive.

At least you can move around on a train. Riding trains in Europe was pretty fun and cheap as I recall. You could hang-out outside on the back and have a smoke if need be. Perhaps this has changed now.

I will never forget that I almost accidently boarded a train, not knowing the language, to Moscow OMG The train was something from make that WWI !!! I thought this could not possibly be the train to Stuttgart !!

...If I got on that train, there is no way in my mind, then and now, that I would of ever returned. Just seeing the thing and standing next to it, it had the scent and atmosphere of death and suffering :O Can't explain it, but it was really creepy.