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Somebody already commented with this link

but it bears repeating:

I'm not a big fan of Judge Nap's conspiracy talk, but the person that brings the liberty movement together, whoever that may be, will be someone that uses his or her campaign as a platform to convey and promote the philosophy of liberty. Rand, good or bad, isn't that person.

I've noticed that he has tried to do that a bit on his youtube page with that 1984 video, presumably because he realizes that he can't count on Ron Paul's supporters as a base from which to launch a 2016 campaign at this point. He may even start referring to himself as part of the liberty movement in his speeches, instead of referring to himself as an ally of the liberty movement, which he almost always has been careful to do, so as not to scare tea partiers and establishment creeps. It really doesn't matter how he steers his message over the next 4 years. He's not the person to bring the liberty movement together.

He'll probably run. He might even get a majority of the liberty movement to "support" him, at least in some sense of the word, but getting the enthusiastic support of 30% of the movement, the unenthusiastic support of 30%, the tacit approval of 20%, and outright rejection by 20%, is not that impressive, when you consider that his father had 95% enthusiastic approval. In fact, I would call those statistics downright splintering. On the other hand, Judge Nap, and others for that matter, have the enthusiastic approval of a vast majority of the liberty movement.