Comment: Most people seem to agree that Ron Paul

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Most people seem to agree that Ron Paul

was trying to educate people, not really focused on getting elected. These same people were really disappointed when he lost. Now they are demanding that Rand Paul use the same strategy of educating people instead of focusing on making the right moves to get elected. The rest of us are tired of losing . .

I think libertarians are strategically retarded for some reason.

Not saying that Rand is perfect, at the very least these haters should just ignore him, there are 99 other senators who are worse by a long shot.

Yes, there are trolls on here that want to declare the Paul bloodline dead and dance on it's grave. They seem to get off on every negative Rand Paul headline like it's a celebration of the failure of Ron Paul's legacy. I think these trolls are really Ron Paul haters that are finding a convenient outlet for their sadism. Mix in a little Zionism and maybe a picture starts to form of who they really are.

There are those who are legitimately disappointed with him but are allowing themselves to be manipulated into continually spewing this counter productive nonsense.